EOS™ Features & Benefits

Financial Benefits of ILR

Traditional energy efficiency measures often dictate a large initial cost, high risk exposure, unrealistic discount factors and a controversial verification method. EOS’s Intelligent Live Recommissioning approach is a way to gain control of an energy environment and realize substantial energy savings year over year using what already exists in most buildings.


Energy Efficiency Measures
Payback Comparison

EOS pays back in less than a year and generates savings far into the future – even capitalizing on new opportunities as buildings evolve and change.

Through the automation of continuous commissioning, EOS saves 15% of total energy cost on average. In a 500,000 square foot building, that’s almost 35¢ saved every minute.

Operational Benefits

Research shows that even the best-run facilities cannot fully realize their energy optimization potential without major leaps forward in the data analytics and automation of their operational processes. EOS achieves true “optimization” by expanding what’s possible in building automation environment. Applying strategies such as predictive control, predictive demand management, throttling and balancing across the eco-system, EOS achieves operational savings by eliminating waste every minute of every hour of every day.


An Eco-system Approach

EOS simultaneously prioritizes its sixteen strategies to drive the maximum benefit for the specific building eco-system every minute.

The operational benefits of EOS include:

  • Eliminates the mundane and allows Operators to focus on what they do best – running their facility.
  • BAS agonistic – EOS integrates with all modern open architecture digital building automation systems, allowing the power of EOS and the BAS to converge and holistically eliminate energy waste in the building.
  • Takes a comprehensive approach to energy management across the entire building ecosystem with one single user interface.
  • Embedded Measurement and Verification (M&V) using real utility rates, thereby providing Operators with daily feedback on the success of EOS and their other optimization activities.
  • Ensures that predefined occupant requirements are continuously monitored and maintained, improving the building’s environment and reducing occupant complaints and associated operational effort to react.
  • Supported 24/7 by qualified technical and engineering resources.

Sustainability Benefits

EOS can help you attain environmental, efficiency and sustainability certifications like BOMA and LEED. Get credits and points by implementing EOS in your facility.


Points for Sustainability Implementation*

* Our engineering team will conduct a site assessment and provide specific guidance on the LEED points you might attain as part of your EOS implementation.

In addition to providing direct operational savings, EOS comes with a robust communication and content management platform that can be leveraged by your team to engage employees and other stakeholders to generate further behavioral-based improvements and savings.

Our web-based Public View kiosk can be used to showcase your energy efficiency progress and communicate your corporate sustainability messages. We also provide you with website widgets and badges that you can embed in your web site or social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your green initiatives.