EOS™ Visibility and Control Dashboard

Innovative Energy Management Solution

The dashboard is a window into the optimization-driven controls manipulation and results enabled by EOS. It is a rich internet application (RIA) with an intuitive and user friendly interface. With proper authentication, it can be accessed over the internet with a web browser.



The dashboard can be accessed as a Cloud service or installed as a self-hosted enterprise application. The multi-site, multi-user dashboard provides different domain access levels for simple but secure use.


Built-in Real-time EMIS

The dashboard has built-in EMIS functionality so that users can track the impact of the automation-driven savings in real-time. EOS provides you with all of the energy KPIs and analytics of an EMIS and more.


User Focused

Event simulation, configurable setpoint control, alerts and notifications – these features allow operators to easily transition from conventional facility management to ILR.


The dashboard comes with seven access-controlled modules. Below is a short description of each module and the features it provides. If you would like to see a real-life version of any module, please contact our Marketing team or fill out the form on the Demo page.

Usage Module


The Usage module is the culmination of our knowledge and experience in delivering EMIS solutions over the years. It is designed to provide a simple snapshot of important energy KPIs and performance tracking information quickly to executives without “information overload”. Granular information is hidden behind the quick metrics and can be assessed as needed.

Savings Module


The Savings module displays up-to-date savings as compared to a pre-established baseline.

Planner Module


The Planner displays the building schedule simple calendar format. EOS algorithms utilize the planner to define space targets based on what is scheduled at a given time, taking into account space requirements, occupancy, activity type, etc.

Control Points Module


The Control Points module shares a list of all setpoints and control parameters in the building at any given moment, as well as any pertinent information calculated by EOS. The information can be grouped into “Equipment Sets” for display as needed. On average, EOS receives and manages 5,000 control points for a building. Optimization of each Equipment Set can be enabled/disabled with the press of a button. This module allows operators to understand what EOS may be changing in their building and why.

Status Module


The Status module displays all the equipment under a particular space/location and their optimization status, what energy efficiency strategy being used etc. in real time. User can also turn optimization on/off for each equipment. Clicking an equipment will bring a list of all the data points related to that specific equipment.

Graphics Module


The Graphics module is much like traditional controls “graphics”, but with a focus on grouping equipment from an energy systems standpoint.

Activities Module


The Activities module details all activities – both operational and energy related. This includes a running log of user and EOS-triggered activities as well as energy-related Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and associated alerts and notifications.