Our History

SHIFT was created by a group of entrepreneurs with years of experience in ICT, engineering and environmental science. Our research and development into an energy-saving product for building systems dates to 2006 during our incubation period inside Mariner. With support from the Mariner Group of Companies, the University of New Brunswick, the National Research Council and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, SHIFT was launched as a company in 2009.

Our first product, EnergyMentor™, an energy management information system dashboard, was released in 2010. After four years in the market and learnings from our customers, we realized that although real-time dashboard and deep analytics create the opportunity to save energy, the required action necessary to realize those opportunities can be operationally difficult, or near impossible to execute. And without execution, the benefits of energy waste elimination are not realized or sustained. This happens mostly because of the sheer volume of data that needs to be considered and the complex decisions that need to be made in real time in order to continuously optimize a building’s environment.

This eureka moment for SHIFT was the genesis of the concept of Intelligent Live Recommissioning (ILR), and the subsequent SHIFT creation of our software product Energy Optimization System (EOS™), launched in 2014. Backed by our expert energy engineering practice and infrastructure partnerships, and world-class software support experience, EOS provides an enterprise grade solution focused on returning maximum benefits in a short payback period.