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This short video gives a quick overview of Intelligent Live Recommissioning – the power behind EOS’s automated optimization. The video then shows how EOS is works with your existing building automation system, continuously making small adjustments to it that end up as big savings.


Andrea Curry, on ‘Big Buildings & Big Data’ at Building Energy Summit 2014


GSA-SHIFT Webinar ‘Maximizing Energy Efficiency: New Tools and Strategies’ video.

Please use the password: gsamember to access the video.


Andrea’s interview ‘The Tech That Cuts Costs & Saves Energy’ on Green Is Good Radio.


File Size Download Link
SHIFT EOS™ Intro 0.93MB Download PDF
SHIFT EOS™ for Healthcare Facilities 0.40MB Download PDF
SHIFT EOS™ for Venue & Multi-Event Facilities 0.59MB Download PDF
Automation of Saving Persistence 3.6MB Download PDF
A Call to Action for Health Care Leaders 1.0MB Download PDF

Case Studies

File Size Download Link
EOS™ Pilot at University Health Network (short version) 0.70MB Download PDF
EOS™ Pilot at University Health Network (long version) 0.70MB Download PDF
Rogers Arena Kicks Off the Season with EOS™ 2.01MB Download PDF

White Papers

File Size Download Link
Evolution of Intelligent Live Recommissioning (ILR White Paper 1) 0.93MB Download PDF
A Revolution in the Operation of Buildings (ILR White Paper 2) 0.93MB Download PDF
Continuous Optimization Program 3.00MB Download PDF

Articles & Publications

Article Author Publication Link
Hospitals must learn to shrink massive ecological footprint Neil Ritchie ChronicleHerald Read
New Technology Offers Automated Energy Management Dr. David Elias, Charles Holleran Green Health Magazine (p 7) Read
Greening Up Your Marketing Events Arick Disilva Environmental Leader Read
Net Zero Building: The New Frontier for Building Energy Management Broack Sansom Energy Manager Today Read
Insider Knowledge Report Arick Disilva Environmental Leader (p 33) Read
Arick’s Interview Arick Disilva Smart Grid Today Read
Big Data… So What? Daryl Letto Energy Manager Today Read
Intelligent Live Recommissioning (ILR) Charles Holleran Energy Manager Today Read
One Man’s Experience with Engaging Building Operators Guy Porlier Energy Manager Today Read
The Energy Efficient Path Daryl Letto Energy Manager Today Read
Coincident Peak and Your Electricity Costs Daryl Letto Energy Manager Today Read
Big Data Analytics with “No Hands Required” Andrea Curry CoR Advisors Read
Rogers Arena Reduces Energy 14% with Building Optimization Linda Hardesty Energy Manager Today Read