Market Solutions

Market Solutions

We think EOS is just the solution to make your smart building smarter! We offer solutions specifically designed to optimize energy usage in:

When you ask SHIFT Energy to develop a solution tailored to your smart building, you can expect:

Advanced technology and an advanced team

The ‘one day’ you think about when picturing a truly impactful energy efficiency solution for your building has arrived. Our Energy Optimization Software (EOS) continuously advances the art of the possible. Our advanced technology makes your building smarter in managed steps, always improving, optimizing, and micro-tuning. No more waiting for the advanced software that you imagine to finally arrive. EOS is leading with proprietary technology today. Our advancements came from real world experience in response to real world problems.

Operator Assist: Adding optimization to automation

Our “operator- assist” software optimizes your building’s energy conservation. It continuously performs thousands of routine tasks so that you can get to the things that aren’t getting done. You can spend time identifying energy wasters that are sometimes small and hard to see — but it all adds up. With our software agility and intelligence, you can get to the gold.

Sustainability: An important WHY with an ROI

We all know the environmental impact that buildings have on the planet. With SHIFT Energy, you can take full responsibility for the stewardship of your building. Plus, the environmental return also has a financial one. Operator Assist automation leads to cost avoidance (aka finding the gold), making it possible to do good for the planet while also achieving a solid economic ROI.

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