How SHIFT Energy is Changing the World

How SHIFT Energy is Changing the World
Save The Planet

In every time of need, there are those who see the challenge and rise to meet it. The people who listen fully, and then stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the solution. Behind SHIFT Energy is a group of entrepreneurs who’ve had repeated success by seizing opportunities in order to solve problems in ways that make sense both socially and economically. As a self-professed “Greenie” and a former management consultant, I couldn’t help but see the perfect symmetry in this. That’s why I decided to be a part of the energy efficiency renaissance that is SHIFT.

We Believe Technology will Solve the Climate Crisis

Like some of my colleagues at SHIFT, I took a pay cut to explore how technology can help address global warming. I did this because I believe in the possibilities of technology, and software in particular, to solve the climate crisis. I saw a presentation at the latest ACEEE conference that stated that the possible GHG reductions by pushing computing technology to be more energy efficient are 2%, but the possible gains by applying computing to areas outside Information Technology are 98%. This way of thinking is deeply engrained in the culture at SHIFT. At present, we’ve figured out how to reduce energy consumption and demand by 20% in commercial buildings. In our minds this is a significant contribution, but the journey doesn’t stop there. There’s more to learn. There’s more to put together. This is just one piece of a large, global puzzle that requires more innovation. We work hard every day to further understand pain points in the industry, and tackle them head on.

We’re Willing to “Go There”

The root of what SHIFT and its founders do is innovation. We’re not academics. We’re not a think tank. We’re not really any of the traditional prescriptive innovation bodies. But like most successful innovators, we’re a group of people willing to “go there”; who believe the fastest route to solving problems is working with the people who have them. We get customers with problems significant enough to invest time and energy in solving them at the table with smart people from a variety of backgrounds and then we ask questions. One of the most important questions is, “Am I asking the right questions?” Then, in lean start-up style, we form hypotheses and, in a controlled fashion, we test these hypotheses. This is how our revolutionary technology “Intelligent Live Recommissioning” came to life. It  will continue to be part of the foundation at SHIFT as we commercialize our energy-saving product EOS, and develop even more climate-friendly new technologies.

We’re Committed to Making a Difference

This type of work is a calling; and for those brave enough to take a leap of faith to answer it the rewards are great, both personally and professionally. Our goals are lofty – to change the way buildings are operated and thereby change the world. Making meaningful change – that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning (even on the weekends).

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