New Technology Empowering Today’s Building Operators through Tomorrow

Today’s building operations teams in all sizes of facilities have a big job to do. Hot/cold calls, pipe leaks, space schedule changes, special meetings, or events on short notice can take up the better part of the day for these operators. Typically, it’s all they can do to stay on top of these issues, maintain occupant comfort, and in short, keep the building running day in and day out.

However, in today’s landscape, these same skilled operators are called to do much more than that on top of their day-to-day, and nearly always at the top of that list is the mandate to reduce costs without sacrificing occupant comfort. Of course, when an operations team attempts to do this, the first logical place to look is personnel as the most expensive resource in nearly any facility, especially larger ones. But any good operations manager knows that the law of diminishing returns comes into play at some point, i.e., if you cut too much personnel, then the quality of the building (including occupant comfort) is compromised. So typically this is not a way forward.

Almost always next on the list for various reasons are utilities or energy costs. In many large buildings of nearly every use type, energy ranks as the 2nd highest expense. And while there are plenty of socially responsible reasons to reduce energy, oftentimes the ecological reasons aren’t enough. Why? Well . . . because it’s complicated, and usually quite expensive – both in costs and manpower. So there lies the conundrum for the operations team: How can I reduce costs without sacrificing quality or comfort?

To solve this, many vendors of many kinds have offered hardware, software, and professional services to try and address this issue. A solution type that has risen to the short list for consideration is continual commissioning (CCx). In short, a software tool is installed to “watch” a building and analytically extract data to create actionable information for the operators – a sort of automated “to-do list” creator. The list then has to be executed by operators, or a hired third party, to physically perform the work and try to get those energy savings promised by the software. Here’s the problem: No one has time to actually do all of that and get their “day job” done of running the building. So many times, the buildings stay stuck without any way of actually realizing those savings. Not only is a great solution needed to alleviate these challenges, but one that actually supports the operations team so they can keep focused on what they do best. They have to practically be superhuman to do all of this on their own.

Enter a proven technology called the Energy Optimization System (or EOS for short). For decades, there has been building automation solutions (BAS) around the world. And while they do what they were designed to do quite well in most cases, the operator still has a fair bit of manual day-to-day intervention to maintain the building. However, with EOS in place collaborating with the BAS every minute with live feeds of big data (data from disparate internal and external sources), it uses cloud computing (virtually limitless power, scale, and storage) to support what the BAS was set up to do by the operators. In a way, EOS becomes a superhero’s sidekick, empowering the operator to go beyond what’s humanly possible (i.e., become the superhero) and continue running the building each day. Meanwhile, EOS supports those operations heroes every minute in the background making sure that the building never drifts from the most cost-efficient path to preserve occupant comfort requirements. Now, the operator in a way does become superhuman – since he now uses the power of his sidekick to be everywhere at once virtually and continually keeping the building saving money while still maximizing the occupant experience.

By utilizing a technology like EOS, operators can now go beyond what’s humanly possible. They can reduce costs by 10-20% off their whole energy bill every month, putting that money back in their budgets every year, and even enhance the level of comfort in their facilities when it’s needed most – in real time. With EOS at his side – the ever-trusty sidekick – the operator is empowered to deliver on that mandate to dramatically reduce costs every year and maintain his comfort commitment to his internal customers.

Definitely a happy ending all the way around . . .


For more information about EOS, contact SHIFT Energy at 1-855-SHIFT-60.