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The global economy is changing rapidly with an increasing emphasis on reducing environmental impacts and mitigating the effects of climate change. While many Atlantic Canadian firms recognize the benefits of clean technology adoption, the region is lagging behind. Only 7% of Atlantic businesses adopted clean technology in 2019, below the national rate of 9%.APEC’s business guide provides firms with an overview of clean technology, the benefits of investing, how to address concerns about clean technology adoption, and highlights supports available to firms interested in increasing their sustainability. APEC’s research report provides more detailed insights on the benefits of clean technology adoption, the barriers to adoption and how they can be overcome, and outlines policies to accelerate clean technology adoption.To learn more about clean technology adoption, and how other Atlantic firms have improved their environmental performance, register for our free webinar on December 14 (details below).
Download this business guide & report (available in French & English): 
Business Guide: Make Your Firm More Sustainable
Accelerating Clean Technology Adoption in Atlantic Canada
Guide des entreprises: Pour Renforcer La Viabilité De Votre Entreprise
Pour accélérer l’adoption des technologies propres au Canada atlantique
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