Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have very specific heating and cooling requirements, something that is vital to quality patient care and comfort. Alberta Health Services (AHS), Canada’s largest healthcare system, wanted to improve the performance of its facilities, cutting both energy consumption and carbon emissions without sacrificing the comfort of its patients, visitors, and staff. With 111 hospitals and psychiatric facilities and more than 100,000 employees providing healthcare services to over 4 million people, this is no small task. 

AHS turned to SHIFT Energy to help move the needle on its sustainability and operating expense performance. SHIFT began working to optimize the performance of the Edson Healthcare Centre, a 230,000 square foot facility located in Edson, in the shadow of the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains.  

Making Smart Buildings Smarter

SHIFT worked with the Facility Management and Engineering and Sustainability and Energy Management teams at AHS to deploy the SHIFT Energy Optimization Software (EOSTM) solution. Importantly, EOS works with existing building automation systems and HVAC equipment, so up-front costs are low, and ROI is fast. SHIFT’s EOS works with all aspects of a heating and cooling system, including air handling units, boilers and chillers.  

The Edson facility was already a “smart building,” managed by a BAS. SHIFT made it smarter, using our patent-approved, secure, AI-powered technology to improve the performance of heating and cooling systems in real time. SHIFT also integrates with third-party information sources – things like weather forecasts, event schedules and demand management forecasts – as well the emerging set of Internet of Things (IoT) HVAC devices. That supports proactive management of the hospital’s HVAC system, anticipating changes to things like energy prices and weather conditions and preparing accordingly. 

Sustainable Results

SHIFT’s EOS optimized the performance of the Edson Healthcare Centre’s combination of air handling units, make-up air units, fan coil units and perimeter radiation. The deployment also automated the optimization of using outdoor air to minimize fresh air use during winter, ensuring freeze protection. SHIFT brings HVAC management together on a single pane of glass, automating activities in real time that previously required operator intervention. This frees up their time for more high value activities in the hospital. 

The SHIFT solution also provides a steady stream of information on environmental impact, delivering GRI 302 and GRI 305 compliant data that can be used to measure and manage progress on the GHG emissions. This data can easily integrate with many popular ESG platforms. 

SHIFT’s solution had a quick impact at the Edson Healthcare Centre. On an annualized basis, it reduced carbon emissions at the facility by 600 tCO2, reduced electricity consumption by 557,000 kWh, and cut natural gas consumption by 4,400 GJ. SHIFT also delivered financial results to AHS, saving nearly $70,000 each year in energy costs. This all happened while improving the comfort of the hospital’s patients, visitors, and staff by maintaining consistent and comfortable conditions around the clock. 

That’s what we call a win-win.