Boosting Sustainability Performance

Buildings are energy intensive and by some estimates account for nearly 40 percent of global CO2 emissions. Operators of large buildings – commercial real estate, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, college campuses, sporting venues, data centers – are facing increasing pressure from both regulators and investors to cut their carbon emissions.

SHIFT’s EOSair™ solution helps these operators cut energy consumption to lower both costs and carbon emissions without expensive equipment upgrades or sacrificing tenant comfort. Working with existing systems and infrastructure, SHIFT’s solution delivers autonomous optimizations to improve a building’s energy and environmental performance.

SHIFT emissions data is GRI-302 and GRI-305 Compliant

Track and Manage

EOSair  is designed to provide relevant data to enable you to track and manage your GHG emissions by generating customizable reports for buildings and portfolios of buildings. You can understand your total energy and water consumption patterns while assessing your GHG emissions in real time and comparing it with benchmarks. 

Many REITs and other building operators work with Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) reporting platforms. SHIFT integrates with these platforms and provides GRI-302 and GRI-305 compliant data that can be seamlessly imported.