About SHIFT Energy

SHIFT Energy was born from the increasing urgency to cut both the costs of energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from major buildings, places like hospitals, commercial real estate, college campuses, shopping centers, arenas, data centers and more. We recognized that cutting costs and cutting emissions couldn’t come at the expense of tenant comfort or require significant capital expenditures.

So, we developed a solution that automatically optimizes existing systems and equipment to significantly reduce energy consumption. That means lower costs and lower carbon emissions. Our team of certified energy managers, professional engineers, machine learning experts, and software developers are constantly innovating, adding new features, creating more value and building the next generation of Grid-Interactive Efficient Building solutions.

Part of the Mariner Group of Companies, SHIFT can tap into over 400 IT, software, engineering and consulting professionals for a host of complementary services including change management, cybersecurity, intelligence and analytics, and infrastructure and cloud support.