SHIFT Makes It Automatic

SHIFT Energy’s EOSair™ is a  patent-approved, secure, cloud-based solution uses Machine Learning to deliver autonomous optimizations automatically, working with your existing building control systems and third-party data sources to significantly cut energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions. All of this happens while the comfort of your tenants is assured.  SHIFT addresses all aspects of your HVAC system including chillers, boilers and air handling units.

EOSair  Key Features:

  • Works with existing controls and equipment
  • Web and mobile-friendly platform
  • Data enabled industry standard M&V
  • Leverage Machine Learning and deep data analysis 
  • Integrated, real-time fault detection
  • Industry standard integration
Solution architecture diagram

SHIFT supports sustainability initiatives with ESG reporting data

Case Studies

SHIFT’s solution has been successfully deployed in facilities around North America.

Commercial Real Estate Case Study

Healthcare Case Study

Event Venue Case Study

SHIFT is more than a technology solution. Our team of professional engineers and certified energy managers will help your organization achieve its goals.