Making A Smart Building Smarter

Client Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
Location Western Canada
Facility 928,000 Square Feet Office Tower
Control System Siemens Desigo
HVAC System Three VFD chillers with dedicated circulation pumps with two cooling towers. Central heating through three natural gas-fired boilers with dedicated circulation pumps and three VFD secondary hot water pumps. Heat exchanger for glycol loop.

Owned and operated by one of North America’s largest Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), this major office tower was certified LEED® Platinum, reflecting the operator’s commitment to sustainability. Still, they sought new ways to cut its energy consumption and carbon emissions and turned to SHIFT Energy to deliver the desired results. SHIFT’s solution and services have earned widespread recognition for their ability to work with existing controls and equipment to wring out consumption and carbon emission savings without requiring any expenditures on new equipment or infrastructure.

This building used a Siemens Desigo control system, a platform designed for the managing high performing buildings. SHIFT worked with the building operators to identify clear opportunities for energy consumption savings and boosting environmental performance. It was also clear that savings could not come at the expense of tenant comfort. SHIFT’s solution was quickly implemented, securely layered over existing systems and automatically improving building performance.

Project Highlights

  • Deliver meaningful savings in a building that already had an extremely low EUI
  • Scheduling supports nightly set-back optimization, generates significant natural gas savings
  • Prioritize high-cost-based optimizations – supply temperature setpoint
  • Space-based scheduling effectively manages changes in space conditioning requirements
  • Cut carbon emissions


The SHIFT team worked closely to implement a bespoke deployment of its solution that was customized to the specific needs of this large building. The goal was to cut electricity and natural gas consumption while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. SHIFT’s secure, cloud-based solution quickly delivered significant results without requiring ongoing intervention from building managers. SHIFT also works with existing control systems and equipment, meaning these gains could be achieved without new investment, allowing an already high performing building to achieve new levels of efficiency.

Results: Consumption and Emissions Impact

Electricity Consumption Savings

241,500 kWh per year

Natural Gas Savings

1,535 GJ per year

Carbon Emissions Reduction

600 tCO2-eq per year

Standards Met

Maintained or exceeded tenant comfort criteria