Putting Patients First While Cutting Energy Costs and GHGs

Client Hospital
Location Western Canada
Facility 230,000 Square Feet
Control System Delta Controls
HVAC System Air handling units, make-up air units, fan coil units and perimeter radiators. Five condensing boilers and two water-cooled centrifugal chiller.

SHIFT Energy worked with a 230,000 square foot clinical healthcare facility in Western Canada to reduce its energy costs, energy waste and Greenhouse Gas emissions while ensuring the care and comfort of its patients and staff was protected.

This installation required that both the energy and operations team be happy – this facility operates 24/7 and consistent heat and cooling is important to patient care. SHIFT’s EOS platform autonomously optimizes heating and cooling by working with the facility’s Delta Controls BAS to cut energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Project Highlights

  • Reduce the facility’s carbon footprint
  • Optimize facility’s central plant
  • Deliver sustainable savings autonomously while integrating with existing BAS and heating and cooling systems
  • Reduce energy cost, energy waste and carbon emissions while ensuring comfort of patients and staff
  • Automate the optimized use of outdoor air to minimize fresh air use during winter to ensure freeze protection


The team at SHIFT collaborated with the facility management to implement the proven EOS platform to deliver greater energy efficiency, cut energy costs, and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, all while maintaining a comfortable temperature 24/7 for patients and staff. EOS works with existing BAS and infrastructure so the significant cuts to energy costs and carbon emissions came without any capital expenditure. We integrated EOS with the facility’s Delta Controls BAS and leveraged its combination of air handling units, make-up air units, fan coil units and perimeter radiators to maintain comfortable conditions year-round.

Results: Consumption and Emissions Impact

Electricity Consumption Savings

557,000 kWh per year

Natural Gas Savings

4,400 GJ per year
(exceeding the facility’s target by 60 percent)

Carbon Emissions Reduction

600 tCO2-eq per year

Standards Met

Specific requirements for temperature control and patient comfort