Decarbonizing an Already Green Building

Client Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
Location Central Canada
Facility 750,000 Square Feet Office Tower
Control System Delta Controls
HVAC System On-site boiler plant with three boilers split between two separately controlled hot water loops, local district chilled water service, heat exchangers

Owned and operated by one of the largest Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) in North America, this facility is Energy Star Certified, LEED Canada Platinum and BOMA Canada Certified, reflecting the REIT’s strong focus on sustainability. Creating portfolio value using technology is core to providing the ‘ultimate urban tenant experience’ and sustainably within their communities. The REIT is also committed to continuous improvement with its carbon emissions and energy consumption, with a corporate target of 3 percent e-kWh efficiency gains year-over year.

Located in a jurisdiction with “Global Adjustment”, where medium and large businesses must pay for their share of total demand during the province’s five peak demand hours, the building required a curtailment solution that would not impact tenant comfort or other facets of operations.

Project Highlights

  • Automate Global Adjustment curtailment, delivering 75 kW of demand reduction from air handling equipment to reduce energy expenses
  • Prioritize high-cost-based energy optimizations – electricity demand and district chilled water
  • Deployment incorporates special heating and cooling needs of specific tenants and directly addresses facility legacy operational issues
  • Effectively manage thermal comfort due to heat loss and gain from glass façade
  • Cut carbon emissions and energy costs without sacrificing tenant and visitor comfort


The SHIFT team collaborated with key customer stakeholders to develop an autonomous energy optimization plan based on customer success criteria for operations, energy efficiency, sustainability, tenant experience, financial optimization and demand management. SHIFT‘s patented solution reduces energy use in buildings and automates energy optimization while ensuring tenant comfort is maintained to the highest standards. SHIFT’s solution augmented the existing Building Automation System, creating opportunities for the building operators to automatically achieve decarbonization and cost reduction goals that would not otherwise have been possible without significant new expenditures. SHIFT is designed to work with existing control systems and equipment enabling faster carbon and cost reduction without requiring investments in new system or equipment.

Results: Consumption and Emissions Impact

District Chilled Water Savings

114,000 ton-hour per year

Natural Gas Savings

20,000 m3 per year

Carbon Emissions Reduction

46 tCO2-eq per year

Global Adjustment

75 kW curtailment (average)