Why SHIFT Energy?

Solutions for your smart building

Venues and Arenas

Venues and arenas are home to professional sports teams and host to a broad range of events including concerts, tournaments, trade shows and community events. EOS reads the environmental conditions of all areas in a building (event space including the rink and seating, locker rooms, restaurants, shops and meeting rooms) and optimizes it to your event schedule requirements.


Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities consume a lot of energy and they include a variety of building use types, from clinical facilities and acute care facilities to research facilities. We ensure patients are comfortable and safe while optimizing energy usage.


Commercial Buildings

Tenants use commercial building space for offices, retail shops, restaurants and data centres, all of which have different energy requirements. EOS makes tenants more comfortable, reduces the carbon footprint of the building and drives down costs by using the building’s own data and making set-point changes to the building’s systems.


What’s New

  • AMALIE Arena scores with Shift Energy’s EOS

    “'The Shift EOS solution has materially reduced AMALIE Arena’s energy consumption and improved operations by providing integration from our front office event booking right through to our building management,” said Darryl Benge, Executive Vice President and General Manager for the arena. “The EOS technology did what our team simply...

  • Better than a Superhero’s Sidekick

    Today’s building operations teams in all sizes of facilities have a big job to do. Hot/cold calls, pipe leaks, space schedule changes, special meetings, or events on short notice can take up the better part of the day for these operators.

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Flexibility Does

    There are some excellent solutions available in the marketplace today to help buildings get more energy efficient and most importantly to every organization, reduce their operating costs.

  • Net Zero Building: The New Frontier for Building Energy Management

    I recently attended the Green Sports Alliance Summit in Chicago, IL. I came home convinced that there is enough know-how and technology available for the business community in North America, if not globally, to embrace and achieve the goal of Net Zero Building (NZB). For those of you not...

  • Turn Off VAVs, Turn Up Energy Savings

    Energy managers like to say that equipment uses the least amount of energy when it is turned off. But, for variable-air-volume boxes (VAVs) it would be more accurate to say that when VAVs are turned off, they allow other equipment to use less energy. VAVs are a type of...

  • Nickels in the Couch and Other Undiscovered Savings

    Sofa change, couch money, whatever you call it, it’s not very sexy.  Actually, rooting around between the couch cushions can be downright gnarly (depending on the couch owner, of course).  While television advertisers lead us to believe that the ideal use for this “found money” is purchasing inexpensive fast...